Feeding Day – 17/11/21

Today we were lucky enough to witness a big feeding just right in front of Skjervøy…

There were several groups of orcas around.

The full moon is just around the corner, on the 19th of November, and most likely the herring has moved further in the fjord.

The previous days we had to go further North to find the animals, but today everything happened very nearby.

Together with the orcas, there was a single humpback whale, who have followed around the orcas all day long.

This humpback whale was quite special. Its head was covered with barnacles.

I often see barnacles on the humpback’s tail, but this guy was special and the whole head was covered too.

As he followed around the orcas to enjoy the feast, 2 times he surfaced right next to our boat.

You can clearly see the barnacles on its face and how the whale pushes out the water thru his baleens after a mouthful of herring.


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