Fascinating Day with Orcas – 6/12/19

I did not want to post today—planned to have a break day ? BUT…I could not resist! The Orcas have been so fascinating today I had to share some photos  <3

In the morning we have encountered the 2 young males, who have been together with us yesterday as well ? They were still separated from the rest of the pod and playing with each other….

What a `tail-show` they made for us ?

After that we have seen a group of orcas feeding close to the surface.

They had a tini-tiny calf together with them…. most likely only a couple of days old…The mother was always swimming in between 2 fully grown males during the whole time, the calf very closely next to her. It was so fascinating to see how protective they are for the young one!  <3

And to close the day we were separated from the other boats with a group of orcas.

They were swimming parallel next to the boat; we kept the same speed and they kept getting a bit closer so we had some good views of them ?

What a day! Loved it  <3  <3  <3  <3


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