Encountering the T123’s in Howe Sound – 7/5/15

We saw the T123s with T124C in Gulf of Georgia yesterday, and again in Howe Sound today .


The T123s have been spotted in Howe Sound once already this season and we suspect they were there earlier this week as well based on reports of “a group of three whales, one bull and one baby”.

T123 and son T123A
T123 and her son T123A

Interesting that they have been seen up there at least twice in the past month, yet another sign of increased Biggs killer whale sightings in the area.

T123A with T124C
T123A with T124C: Very cool to see the incredible size difference between these two. T123A on the left is just 15 years old and has not reached full physical maturity and yet he is much bigger than T124C (on the right) who is 23 years old. At least, their dorsal fin size is very different

They are a welcome addition to such a beautiful place and a hopeful sign that the Sound is becoming productive enough to support them and their prey … at least for now.

T123 spyhop


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