Easter Sunday with Orcas and Grays! – 17/4/22

Tim and I spent Easter Sunday near Whidbey and Hat Islands with Transient Orcas T123’s and T124C and two Grays #2362 and #383.

Look at these faces!! We were fortunate to find two grays together #2362 and we think the other one is #383.

They didn’t fluke much, rolled around a lot together, and then the spyhops started. Not sure what the deal was today, even the Grays did long down times.

The whales were right along the shoreline at Fox Spit, we were out mid channel heading towards Baby Island as were the whales. They were doing really long down times and so as we were waiting for them to resurface, all of a sudden they pop up right behind our boat!!

They veered off to the side of our boat as we were both standing there looking on in awe!! Stanley is so big, dang that boy is HUGE!!

This eyepatch shot belongs to the tail shot, lol.

I love this photo and it shows how the distance perception on the water is so different. We were at least 500-600 yards away from these whales, but so was the guy in the rowboat. But with the telephoto lens and zooming in and cropping the photo it doesn’t look that way.


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