Eastbound Orca – 28/3/22

Eastbound Orca as four different family pods stretched out their Orca net as the hunt for larger baleen whales begins. Noosa came straight over for morning greetings on our arrival in The Patch as Wonks, Flapper and Stormy moved with purpose.

Approaching the area curiously it appeared they had come to investigate where a Sperm Whale had been a short time before with the last sighting of his enormous fluke disappearing into the depths of the ocean below.

Moving on from the area they were eastbound Orca as the family spread their hunting net and moved with ease. Covering ground efficiently and quickly we smiled to see another much loved family join the push to the east.

B-Slice came over to say g’day and decided he was going to hang out with us for a while. Swimming alongside us he was relaxed and curious before a quick change of direction. 

The call had gone out as B-Slice and the others began to surge powerfully. Enormous in size and sending white water flying B-Slice decided he was going to come and enjoy a bit of bow riding with us as his enormous shadow appeared below our feet.

Regrouping together Kidji and her family pod along with Lucky and her family had also moved into the area. The Orca are getting ready to target larger prey including Blue Whales and Humpback Whales in the coming months when the opportunity arises. To be successful in these hunts the families must work together and that is exactly what they were doing today as multiple families travelled as one while foraging patiently.

It would be a very unfortunate situation for any prey species to move through this area when the Orca have established such an enormous net. Hopefully the Blue Whales and Humpback Whales will stay clear of these hunting grounds and hug the coastline instead. The Orca continue on with their search for Squid and Beaked Whales while preparing for anything larger that might be moving their way.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

This post as adapted from a blog, read the original here

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