Dolphins in the Baltic Sea! -24/9/15

Where I am living, there are no whales. Well, that is not really true. In the Baltic Sea (which is brackish and has only a little connection to the North Sea), there live a couple of “Tumlare” (Harbour Porpoise). They keep their distance from land and I have never seen any of them.

This year, however,there have been a couple of dolphin sightings. Rumors say that there are two bottlenose dolphins. Probably some poor fellows that somehow missed their way and followed the fish swarms up the Swedish coast.

DSC01787 (2)

Now, for a couple of days, they were in a bight north of the city Kalmar and could be seen from shore. So this morning (early as an biologist) a couple of friends and me went to see them. And we did. They were coming quite close and were swimming around.

DSC01739 (1)

The pictures are a bit dark, it was a rainy sunrise… But, I can proudly say, I saw dolphins in the Baltic Sea!

DSC01832 (2) (1024x683)


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