Dolphin Stampede! – 3/21

A dolphin stampede is a pod, a mega or super pod of common dolphins. These dolphins could be feeding in an area and all of a sudden just out of nowhere they start stampeding. And yes if you think of stampeding that’s exactly what they do but they’re in the water and they take off! Like you might say, they are gone to the races! They go so fast. It’s the fasted time you’ll ever see a dolphin swim. It makes such a noise when you’re witnessing it. Its just rushing water all .

I’ve seen it many times but one time I witnessed it when there were kw in the area and the kw did want to hunt the dolphins. The stampede took off so fast-it’s the fastest I’ve ever seen, to get away from the Killer Whales.

-Donna from Dana Wharf

Watch stampede video here

This post was adapted from a voice recording in the twenty fourth episode of the Whale Tales Podcast, listen here

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