Curiosity – 8/11/21

Today the orcas proved again that they are just as curious about us, as we are about them. They were people watching!

We have spent the morning with a group of humpback whales in Kveanangen, when we got a phone call that orcas are just outside Skjervøy and we should come to see them!

We cannot say no to a call like that, not when I am on the boat. Thanks Jaron!

When we arrived the orcas were feeding, but it was going on for a while already, so they were half in a socializing mood – meaning a lot of spy-hops.

We were just floating around, and their head popped up everywhere around the boat, really like around 20 times at least.

These occasions can be stressful for the photographer to try to catch the moment

They do not tell us in advance where they will surprise you, you just know they will

Look at the image of the very close spy-hop. You can see on the left-hand side of the image a white line (vertical). Guess what is that???

It is the holding pole of the boat!! Why is it in my photo? Well, good question.

A cheeky orca went right behind the boat to surprise us with a spy-hop and as I heard the breath what the animal takes, quickly turned around and clicked

Luckily the orca got the focus and not the pole

The weather was a bit windy, and they were riding the waves too, after the spy-hop party!!!

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