Crazy Interaction with Incredibly Social Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales – 3/5/16

17 Bigg’s (Transient)  Killer Whales being incredibly social-it was a pretty crazy time.


Started off with tons of tail lobbing and breaching from the kids, then they all got together in a big group and were almost stationary at the surface, rolling around on one another. We shut down and watched for a while and after a long dive they popped up right beside us!

T86A rainbow
T86A “rainblow”
T101B T100Bs
T101B, T100B’s

We got a really good look at T86A’s overbite on her lower jaw (she sustained an injury at some point that left her jaw a bit deformed and her mouth always propped open a bit )and got to see one of the newest calves, T86A4.

Check out the overbite on T86A! Her mouth is always open....
You can see T86A’s overbite in this photo…
T86A4 breaching behind T124A2 and T124A1 about to tail lob
T86A4 breaching behind T124A2 and T124A1 about to tail lob

It’s always incredible to see these large groups of Bigg’s killer whales and to watch them mingle and interact. Won’t forget that one anytime soon!


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