Crazy Encounter with J Pod – 26/8/16

It was pretty bonkers today up north!

L87 “Onyx”

Big beautiful resting group all the way along the bank travelling about 1.5 knots.

J40 “Suttles”

They hit the coal port and then I’ve never seen anything like it……It looked like the majority of Group A just started launching!!

j37 twise
J37 “Hy’Shqa” twist!
j37 2
J19 “Shachi”

Caught a few but missed a lot of them….no idea where to point the camera!

j19 again surprise surprise
J19 again surprise surprise
j19 breach
J19 Breaching
L87 breach! Can't compare to Katie Jones photo but I was stoked ;)
L87 Breaching


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