Connection… – 5/12/20

This year is different from every perspective what we have experienced in the past years..

The whole season has started 1,5-2 weeks later than “usual”, herring fishing was still further offshore at the beginning of November, while at the same time in 2019 from the end of October the fjord was full of herring and whales.

Some people already anticipated that the herring will not even enter the fjord at all…

Then we have Covid. I remember last year in December when the news started to spread the media and no one would have imagined what will come…I certainly did not expect it to affect the next whale season…seemed very far away…but it did.

But eventually, even if late, the whales have arrived and there are significantly fewer people and boats in the area. This is a good thing for the whales.

That resulted in much more relaxed and curious animals. We have had encounters in the past few days with the orcas I have never had/seen before.

They are curious about us, playful, and include us in their socializing.

Yesterday we had an orca, who “answered” to me. I was whistling from the boat she seemed very curious, swam right up to the boat, and started to make sounds from her blowhole for 30-40 seconds right next to the boat in front of us.

Today when we went out, we found the same pod of orcas. There were a few fishing boats in the area, but they must have finished already as the orcas seemed to be in a half resting, half socializing mood already.

This orca on the photo split from the rest of its pod and swam towards our boat with its head above the surface for quite some time. It probably remembered us from yesterday, because I was with the same animal, who whistled back to us. Just curiously looking at us

You can see its eyes are wide open, staring at us

I could not believe my eyes…. It’s truly amazing to have these calm encounters with them, when you have their trust, and they do all sort of things in your presence.

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