Canada 150 with Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales! – 1/7/17

Canada Day was an awesome day to be on the water. We were having a great time on a beautiful day and it looked like the whales were too.

One of my favourite encounters of the season so far!

We had whales close enough that I got to do 2 tours! The second tour was absolutely AMAZING!!!

T65A3 and T65A5 were just having a blast with each other!

We had several extremely close passes, at one point T65A3 “sharked” us as he came towards the boat with just the tip of his fin poking out of the water before he dove under us and then popped up directly on the other side of us (obviously our boat was completely shut down)!

This is T65A5 showing us his belly, which allowed us to identify that he is a boy, tossing his tail in the air as his older brother T65A3 surfaces from beneath him.

It was a truly wonderful day!


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