Californian Guests! – 14/10/17

 Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours found some inbound Californian Transients yesterday afternoon, along with the T11s, T100Bs and T87!


Among them were CA166, CA172 and CA173 (thanks to Alisa from the California Killer Whale Project for the IDs!).


One female (U055/CA174) was documented with a new calf – ID as per Jared Towers. There were approximately 4 adult females, 1 adult male, 2 young juveniles and 1 newborn (for the CAs).

CA174 and calf

They have a habit of visiting in October sometimes!

Guests were also treated to an awesome Humpback whale encounter last night. This individual known as “Coon” BCXunk (thanks Tasli Shaw for the ID) breached once and then proceeded to tail-slap approximately 40-50 times!

What a day!

A Fin Whale also graced us with its presence


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