Brother’s Love – 15/12/21

This season the first part of December we had amazingly clear skies with exceptionally cold weather

In the past few days, this has changed, we got warmer weather, but with the increased temperature heavy cloud cover arrived too

Our lucky day was 4 days ago we have got some light with a beautiful encounter.

Luckily, we still got quite a few whales around, including a big group (20+) of fin whales, who we encounter quite regularly so far in December.

On this day we were with a group of orcas. They were very quiet, socializing.

There was a baby within the pod, and it was occupied all day long with probably its big brother. The male was constantly by the little one’s side.

It is known for cetaceans that sometimes males babysit young/baby orcas to help their mother/sister have some free and resting time. They support each other within the family.

You can see the contrast in the size of this baby orca (probably a couple of months old).

Male orcas are such caring and gentle beings.



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