Brilliant Day in Paradise with Bigg’s, Humpbacks and Lags! – 20/9/14

Achievement unlocked: 10 hours straight on the water (see also: dehydrated, sunburnt, dry eyes, cold) looking for and watching cetaceans (cameo appearances by steller sea lions). It was so brilliant.


Bigg’s (Transient) killer whales, rolly polly humpbacks, and lags (yes, the irony is not lost on me that 100 of the little devils showed up down south the same day), and a trip through a place so seemingly wild and beautiful it shouldn’t exist.

What a surprise. Running into an old friend ….BCYuk2014#3 …. aka “Windy”/”Donegal”
T49B, T49A, T49A4
T49B, T49A, T49A4
t49b and t49b2
T49B and T49B2
t49B and her calf 49B2
T49B and her calf T49B2

Mother and son heading up into Johnstone Strait and into the sunset.   He couldn’t dive down very deep here … they were passing through a kelp bed in shallow water with the bottom littered with urchins. T19B had to swim at the surface or risk dragging his pecs and belly through the urchins, or so it seemed

T19 Mooyah and T19BGaliano
T19 “Mooyah” and T19B “Galiano”
T19B Galiano, T18 Esperanza, T19C Sprouter
T19B “Galiano”, T18 “Esperanza”, and T19C “Sprouter”

Dammit this is paradise (on calm sunny days)



Thanks so much to Nick (Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions) for the memorable day and to auntie Maggie for letting us stay at her beautiful waterfront home. Back to the rat race sucks!



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