Bremer Bay Accommodation and Orca – 7/3/19

The rain fell down in Bremer Bay today much to everyone’s enjoyment (most importantly the farmers!) and as we woke from our Bremer Bay accommodation Orca BnB it was time to begin a beautiful journey to the canyon.

Watching the clouds and gentle rain we were interrupted by our morning daydreaming by a sleepy NZ Fur Seal who was stretching out and sleeping in this morning. Just up ahead the sleek figure of Orca was sighted and we were quickly surrounded by Queen and her family travelling with Noosa and her family pod.

A small morsel of food was being carried by the calves and looked to be leftovers from breakfast and it was the perfect opportunity for a game amongst the younger members of the pod.

Nani and his mates began to play and it was fun to watch as they twisted and turned, trying to capture the small piece of flesh from each others mouth.

A Lions Mane Jellyfish was right on our bow and Nani raced up to grab the jellyfish in his mouth and pass it over to his little brother… luckily the jellyfish got away mostly unscathed! They continued to journey together and it was incredible to watch two matriarchs, Queen and Noosa, both travelling side by side as their families frolicked and played behind them.

A very special day in the canyon to celebrate the rain and family time two special family Orca pods.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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