Breathe Out, Breathe In – 15/6/16

Breathe out, breathe in . . . that’s the sound we got to hear while drifting around resting Humpback Whales, their powerful exhalations resounding over the water, blows shimmering in the sunshine. Humpbacks “Quartz” and “Ripple” were resting in the same area, moving slowly along in big circles, taking about 8 surface dives and then fluking their tails making IDs quite easy.


The Marine Education & Research Society has nicknamed BCX1063 “Ripple” as she has a white ripple-like markings on the top left of her fluke and “Quartz” has a distinctly shaped dorsal fin with white markings.

Ripple BCX1063
Quartz BCXuk2013#8

In the same area, with complete contrast to the resting Humpbacks, there was a VERY active group of Dall’s Porpoise. To the delight of all, they were zipping around the boat while it was completely stationary, erupting out of the water to exhale and causing the displacement of the water known as a “rooster tail”.

Dall’s Porpoise at high speed

Guests could easily see them under the water, noting the powerful thrusts of their tails that allow Dall’s Porpoise to travel at speeds of up to an astonishing 55 km/hour. We also noted a very pregnant Pacific Harbour Seal at one of the haul-outs. Soon we expect it will be peak pupping time where we will have the joy of observing the pups being cared for by their mothers.



Photo taken with telephoto lens: ©Jackie Hildering;The Marine Detective

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