Breaching Minke! – 3/7/21

We headed out in glassy seas, but as ever in Iceland you need to wait five minutes and everything can change. After a very short time the wind picked up, making our trips rather bouncy.

Heading out towards the tip of Snaefellsnes peninsula, where we hope to have a chance of spotting orcas at this time of year, we saw some big splashes in the distance. Like in many places, splashes generally mean humpbacks around here so when we got closer we were amazed to see not a humpback, but a breaching Minke whale!

I have done around 5000 whale watching tours and have never got a photo of a breaching Minke before.

Of course, they do breach and I know many people who have, but this was my first really good look at one breaching. It was very exciting to see an often much maligned whale, that can be so very difficult to whale watch doing such spectacular behaviour. As quickly as it started, it stopped and went back to tricky Minke whale, but that didn’t matter as we were already buzzing from such a great sight. 


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