Breaching Humpback Calves – 31/10/20

Breaching Humpback calves on the last day in October as beautiful baby breaching lit up the Indian Ocean as our calves decided it was time to get airborne!

A lovely overcast morning made for distinctive sightings as the lack of sunshine glare enabled a perfect view through the sighting grounds.

Our first interaction was with an enormous female and her lovely calf with a small amount of surface activity beginning as conversations started to take place.

Further ahead a young Humpback Whale began to breach and head lunge, looking for attention and shortly after finding something of interest.

Seaweed, this female calf loved her new found toys and would twist and turn excitedly in the seaweed with belly pointing to the sky enabling us the opportunity to confirm this was indeed a beautiful female calf. Her mother was in search of a playmate for this little one and soon they had approached another mother and calf as both pods began to socialise.

Two hundred meters ahead a third calf began to breach, this was our original pod we had met earlier.

Breaching and head lunging began as the little one practiced the Language of the Whales with much enthusiasm. It appeared the more we approached, the excitement of this young calf grew as she launched into and enormous body lunge with her entire body completely horizontal at one point before rocketing back down into the ocean. All of this surface activity enabled a good look at the lower belly and we smiled to see this was yet another female calf, looks like the girls had taken over the resting grounds today!

A beautiful morning with precious calves whose enthusiasm and excitement for every moment was certainly inspiring and wonderful to see, they truely are wonders of the world and we enjoy every moment spent with the Western Australian Humpbacks.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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