Blue Whales in Iceland! – 7/19

Here in West Iceland we are having an unusual run of seeing Blue Whales in Breiðafjörður. West Iceland used to be a regular spot for Blue Whale watching over ten years ago, however all of a sudden the blues stopped coming to this area and the whale watching there stopped. A new company, Láki Tours, started up leaving from Ólafsvík in the summer and mostly looking for toothed whales, such as Orca, Sperm and Pilot Whales. We are known for being the only whale watch in Iceland that sees these whales species regularly, during different parts of the year.

However over the past week or so, a number of Blue Whales have been seen in our fjord. This is an incredibly exciting development and every day we continue to see them is a bonus.

Up to six blue whales have been seen on a trip, and we believe this is due to a krill bloom happening in the fjord. We hope the sightings continue.


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