Blue Whale, Humpbacks, Dolphins, Jets and Submarines – 20/10/20

Blue Whale, Humpbacks, Dolphins, Jets and Submarines …. what an incredible day!

Departing the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour we certainly didn’t have any inkling of what was install for us today as we made our way to the sighting grounds. Moments after arriving we were surrounded by over ten pods as the Humpback Whale began to communicate the Language of the Whales amongst each other.

One pod in particular had our interest as three individuals all surfaced together and the largest adult launched into enormous tail lobs.

A very social pod, it appeared a young female Humpback had attracted the attention of two beautiful males and the display was about to go up a notch. The males were trying to outdo each other with tail slapping and lobbing as the female began to move towards us, the males enthusiastically followed. The larger male was lifting his entire peduncle skyward before crashing back down and it was simply sensational viewing.

The local Bottlenose Dolphins raced over to join in on the action including the newest family member with baby calf looking wonderful and happily joining in on the fun.

The whales settled with the approach of the dolphins and we watched on with amazement as one of our favourite sights to see in the waters off Fremantle arrived on scene, an Australian  Submarine in cruise control with a powerful Airforce Jet rocketing over us above as tactical training was about to get underway. Everyone onboard gave gig waves over to the Navy Personnel as they managed a few moments of whale watching before continuing on with their day of training. Our guests and crew were smiling from ear to ear, how could this day get any better?

The Humpbacks had just surfaced on our port side as the submarine departed when movement to starboard side captured our attention. Our hearts skipped a beat, it was a Blue Whale and this magnificent individual was enormous!

He had somehow managed to sneak up behind us and was no more than twenty meters away as he curiously approached for a quick look.

Cameras at the ready and everyone onboard reeling from such an incredible morning of excitement, we spent the last part of our tour with the company of our beautiful Blue as he cruised out towards Rottnest Island. Blue Whale, Humpbacks, Dolphins, Jets and Submarines on a day we will always treasure and it makes ones heart full to know how very fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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