Birthday Blue Whales! – 10/3/16

My husband and I were visiting The island of Loreto in Baja Mexico. We traveled there in March 2016 and saw the blue whales on March 10th (my husbands 31st birthday) What a gift!

We traveled to see whales and that day we saw 2 or 3 different blue whales and 2 humpbacks.

The blue whales were massive. They were so magical, it was like seeing a dinosaur. Slow moving and gentle creatures, with a very loud blow hole which made it easy for us to spot if we sat quietly and listened. We came across our first blue whale near a rocky cliff we heard his blow but never was able to see his tail. When we saw our 2nd blue, we waited what seemed like forever to see that beautiful tale (which is actually small in comparison to how large their bodies are) pop out of the water after the blue whale dove down into the deep blue sea (see the video here). We did not follow or get close to the whale he just popped up in front of our boat. We got very lucky and had an amazing native who had a sixth sense about where the whales might be that day.

What an experience! I can’t wait to go back.


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