Bigg’s (Transient) and Resident’s at the Beginning of the Season! 11/3/18

Full day on the water today.

J42 “Echo” and J50 “Scarlet”

Such a fun day hanging out with the T002C’s in the morning watching them chase seals around.

Spieden Island was loaded with wildlife on the way home.


Then, an absolutely stunning evening in the Strait of Georgia with J pod!

J36 “Alki”

Crawling through all the photos now but loved this one of J37 and possibly J40 in double spyhop mode. This turned into a triple spyhop believe it or not!

J37 “Hy’Shqa” and possibly J40 “Suttles”
J46 “Star”
J49 “T’ílem I’nges”


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