Biggs Killer Whales Playing with Salmon! – 20/8/19

The afternoon tour began on Smith Bank in the Strait of Juan de Fuca with one of our favorite humpback whale  MMY0079 “Scratchy”! Scratchy even came over to the boat to say hello!

After visiting with him for a bit we moved on to Haro Strait where we encountered the T46B’s (including little gray whale T46B1B “Tl’uk”).

There we saw something none of us had ever seen…Transient Orcas chasing pink salmon!

Tearing them up and quite possibly eating them, not really sure!

The action was nonstop, they were jumping over each other, sharking, cartwheeling, it was amazing! None of us had ever seen anything quite like it! Not sure is they were actually eating them or just tearing them apart, but they were having a blast!!

I heard later that the whale chatter on the hydrophone in the area was amazing!


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