Bigg’s Killer Whales off Vargas Island – 11/3/20

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the company of this pod, T018 and the T019’s!

We spotted T018, the T019’s and T109A’s at MacIntosh around 9:10 AM heading west.

We then followed them to Blunden island where they lunged at a Grey Whale, briefly lifting it from the water. They did not pursue the hunt though and took a sweep through Chumas Bay on Blunden Island before moving offshore into 15′ swells.

T019B, “Galiano”, surfaces in the more sheltered waters of Clayoquot Sound, before they left for the open and rugged coastline

This was off the western corner of Vargas Island near a popular remote surfing beach. No surfers in the water on this day though! They would have had some epic visitors!


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