Big Mama in the Strait of Georgia – 6/7/15

We came across Big Mama (BCY0324) and an unknown humpback coming out of Active Pass while we were searching for killer whales. IMG_8257

Big Mama is always a treat to see because of her rich history in our area. As one of the first humpacks to be seen consistently returning to the Strait of Georgia she’s a bit of a celebrity and she’s well known for being a great mom as she’s brought at least 6 calves through our pass.


The other whale she was with today never fluked facing our boat (just my luck) but it didn’t seem small enough to be a new calf.



2 thoughts on “Big Mama in the Strait of Georgia – 6/7/15

    1. Thanks Ted! We’ve heard that she was back and are seeing lots of photos and posts about encounters with her and her very energetic new calf. Hoping one of our storytellers encounters her soon (and gets some great fluke shots! 😉 )

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