Best Whale Watching in Augusta – 17/6/18

The best whale watching in Augusta celebrates the northern migration when travelling on board Whale Watch Western Australia. Competition pods, surface activity and hundreds of whales enjoy the protection of Flinders Bay in Augusta during the months of late May to August.

Our tour today was no exception as Humpback Whales moved through the bay and a pod of three during our morning experience socialized next to our vessel. Raising their flukes high above the waters surface as they rolled and kept a close eye on the other seven whales close by. A young female approached our vessel later on and came right alongside us to have a good look at everyone. She was very calm and seemed to enjoy peering back up at us before another approaching whale caused her to keep on the move… not wanting any other whale friends to join her this morning!

Our afternoon started off very quickly as large amounts of splashing could be seen all around the bay and we knew that the Language of the Whales™ was very active this afternoon.

Three curious whales were travelling together and shortly after sighting us they made a quick approach and surfaced right alongside our vessel. Rolling and spy hopping to get a better look at us they were beautiful to watch in their curious interaction amongst each other and ourselves.

We joined up with a second pod but it wasn’t long until we could see the same pod of three moving straight towards us again. A huge breach right off the bow was the beginning of over 90 minutes of continual peduncle slapping, pec slapping, inverted tail slapping and playful behaviour as the pod of three continued to communicate to the other pods in the bay who were also responding with surface activity.

The best whale watching in Augusta certainly happens when we observe the Language of the Whales™ when travelling on board Whale Watch Western Australia!


-Whale Watch Western Australia

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