Best Day of the Season So Far – 28/5/22

What a day!

We had T002B and the T060s (minus D/E), T065Bs, T075Bs, T109Cs & T123s

T109C3 rolling over mom T109C

Here are the T123’s from this perfect, drizzly tour.

T060 “Panthera” checking us out after surfacing unexpectedly…giving us a great look at her namesake!

Can you see the big cat-like form in her eyepatch? 🐆 She’s named after the genus Panthera, which is comprised of tigers, lions, leopards, jaguars and snow leopards. Thereby combining two of my passions — whales and big cats — into one.


An insanely good day today with 20 killer whales!

T123A “Stanley”

We had the T060s (no D/E), T065Bs, T075Bs, T109Cs, T123s, and this beauty: T002B ✨

T002B “Pedder”


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