Beautiful Day with Humpback Whales – 14/8/19

For our first trip of the day we headed out west in beautiful conditions. We had good visibility, calm winds, and minor swell. We passed a few biological hotspots with tons of birds and anchovies, but no whales. We were about 14 miles offshore when a passenger spotted the spout.

We had found a Humpback Whale. It was travelling relatively big distances every time it surfaced.

We followed the whale northeast for a bit before heading back to the pier. The whale was in 130 feet of water.

A few large ships passed by over the course of the trip.

On our next trip we found another Humpback Whale about 12 miles offshore. It was a different whale than on our first trip.

This whale was feeding in 109 feet of water. We saw anchovies on the fish finder and a few birds hovering over the whale.

We saw some fluke dives from this animal, although many of them were shallow. The whale changed directions a lot over the course of the trip. We also spotted some sea nettles in the water.


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