Back on the Water with an Orca Calf – 10/1/20

FINALLY BACK ON THE WATER!!! After a very stormy day today we had an amazing day at sea.

We found a big group of Orcas feeding around fishing vessels. They were a little bit spread out, but after the fishing boats have left, they joined 😊

There was a tiny little baby orca in one of the groups and it decided to check us out as we were floating next to it.

It came closer and did stick its little nose out of the water to have a good look at us.

I managed to get a very cute shot about this, it was truly adorable…moments what we will never forget.  <3  <3  <3

There were actually quite many calves with them, some of them already a little older 😊

After the storm yesterday there was quite a bit of swell out there today, which all the orcas really enjoyed to ride…but it was a slooow no speeding today 😊

The sky also treated us with some amazing stratospheric clouds…which I have to admit I got totally attracted to 😊 I think it is extremely beautiful 😊


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