Awesome Encounter with the T137’s and T65B’s – 2/7/16

Awesome encounter with the T137’s and T65B’s yesterday!!

Sibling love....T137A, T137B
Sibling love….T137A, T137B
T137A, T137, T65B
T137A, T137, T65B

T137A “Jack” was being his awesome self! His family was hanging out with the T65Bs and they worked together to take down a harbour seal. This was his celebratory breach after the hunt!

t137a launching
T137A launching
T137A Jack breach
T137A “Jack”
T137A “Jack”

Check out the power of T137! A successful mother of three, her and her kids are incredible hunters. We call this behaviour porpoising when they are hitting speeds up to 30MPH! 



“I declare this, the summer of BIGGS!!”



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