Australian Humpback Whale Southern Migration – 28/9/20

Western Australian Humpback Whale Southern migration continues to amaze Whale Watchers off the coast from Hillary’s to Fremantle.

Today witnessed the incredible sight of the newly arrived mother and calf combinations with many pod’s over a wide area communicating the Language of the Whales™.  The display of breaching, pec and tail slapping intrigued everyone onboard and some guests who had not seen Whales before were delighted by the behaviour.

Later in the morning we met a curious little calf we named Rambo as he was extremely confident and made continual approaches toward our vessel to investigate what all the fuss was about with a bunch of humans cheering him on.

Not long after, two males approached to have a look at mum who immediately came very close into our vessel for the protection of our sound footprint, this can act as a deterrent to the males amorous advances and Rambo also let them know he was not having anyone mess with his mobile food station, let alone his Mum.

The next 35 minutes was engrossed with Rambo and his mum diving around and under our vessel checking each other out and Rambo Learning the Language of the Whales™ as he defended his Mum but also enjoyed a bit of a swim with the two curious males.

On our departure, a nearby adult female decided it was her time to shine with an incredible display of pec slapping, hopefully to entice the same males that we just spent a very close interaction with over the last half an hour.

The big female waved us goodbye and as we headed for the coast the main comment onboard was how blessed we were to have the opportunity to witness the largest Humpback migration in the world, right here in Western Australian waters.

The Western Australian Humpback Whale Southern migration is enjoyed by thousands each year and it is a privilege to bring the tour to all Whale Watchers from near and far. Come and Join the Pod® these school holidays…there is another Rambo out there just waiting for you.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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