Australian Blue Whales in Perth Canyon – 6/4/19

The spectacular Australian Blue Whales were waiting for us out in the Perth Canyon today as we enjoyed every moment in the company of the largest mammal on our planet!

A beautiful morning greeted us and as we journeyed our eyes scanned the horizon for the unmistakable exhalations of the giants. A Yellow Nosed Albatross landed close by and we were able to take some lovely images of these good looking birds whose life leads them on a journey across thousands of kilometres of ocean. Shortly after the tall, willowy blow was sighted on out port side (Mum captured todays sightings points!) as a big, beautiful Blue surfaced.

The dappled peduncle set off a vibrant blue just below the surface as we watched the peaceful oxygen replenishment system of our Australian Blue Whales who look to conserve energy at every opportunity. Oxygen in and preparation for the sounding dive complete there is an increase of energy as the Blue Whales build up momentum to take them down to the depths and after their next mouthful of krill.

Shortly after this sounding dive yet another exhalation erupted just ahead and an even larger Blue Whale began the same process.

Measuring in at approximately 26 meters this individual was enormous and looked fantastically healthy, a wonderful sight to be scene. The feeding appeared to be going very well today as both Blues worked in tandem and closed in the distance between each other as they pushed krill closer and closer together resulting in very full Blue Whales!

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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