Australia Day Orca in Bremer Bay – 26/01/08

Australia Day 2018 was absolutely perfect! We were greeted by Common Dolphins and a busy New Zealand Fur Seal before the unmistakable dorsal of a male Orca broke the horizon and we were set for a magnificent day to remember.

Following the main pod as they moved along the Bremer Canyon in precision was incredible to watch in the glassy conditions and it wasn’t long before they decided to come over and check us out in the crystal clear Southern Ocean and we could see them looking straight back at us!

One of the big males and a couple of females came in very close and we could see the flash of their white belly as they turned to their side and even rolled completely over so they could look up at everyone on the bow.

These wonderful conditions allowed for the perfect opportunity to see their grace and strength when traversing the ocean they call home and the efficient movement they have when they are searching their hunting grounds. Today was a very special Australia Day we will always remember and we are so proud to have such magnificent Orca right here in Western Australia❤

-Whale Watch Western Australia

This story was adapted from a blog post, read the original story here

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