Another Whale Watching Adventure – 15/10/22

We didn’t have to go very far to say hello to our whale but he was difficult to really locate him at the beginning.

Saw a spout near the Seastreak and then a second but then it took a while before we saw it again. It was worth the wait.

Meanwhile we got to see some dolphins and that is always fun.

So the whale after looking so small as he was wasn’t showing his tail and you couldn’t see too much all of a sudden breached.

We saw a total of 9 breaches with several behind the boat. What a treat!

This whale also did a prolonged episode of pectoral fin slapping.

As we were getting ready to leave, the whale gave us one last breach. Such an exciting day.

The water had a lot of swells and at times was a bit rough but it was worth it.

A few people on the boat had never seen a whale. One person who was by me was so excited when she saw her first spout. She was ready to cry at that point. Imagine her response when she saw a breach!

-Bill and Linda/Jersey Shore Whale Watch

This post was adapted from a blog, read the original here

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