Another Swoon-worthy Day with J Pod – 31/5/15

One of those days that photos never really do any justice.

J14 little breach
Little Breach from J14 “Samish”

J14 bumping into J51 while J19 pins him in on the other side.

J14 j51 j19
J14, J51 and J19
J14 spyhop
J14 “Samish” spyhop

This makes the whole scene look lonely, but it was far from it.  All of Jpod was there, mainly in one group, being active and touchy feel


J19 “Shachi”

J41 and J19 … this was an odd moment, baby J51 was between them and some of the other whales began jostling around (hence the splashing), and they all thrashed around at the surface. Not sure if there was some baby napping trying to happen or what

J41 J19 and J51
J14, J19 and J51
J41 “Eclipse”



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