Another Incredible Encounter with Two Spot! – 4/9/17

Tim and I went out on our own boat today and got word as we were leaving the dock that there was a breaching humpback at Apple Tree Cove near Kingston!

We joined Chilkat and watched CS631 “Two Spot” surface and dive a few times.

Eventually Chilkat and all the other boats around left, as they were leaving Two Spot surfaced right in front of our boat!! She then circled us slowly, checking us out, she stayed right under the surface and kept circling, then she went under the boat and came up next to us again!

Then she fluked, which yes, I cut it off, even using the 18-200, she was soooo close!!!

We could feel and smell her breath! So amazing!!

She started travelling after that and we lost her, so we checked out some buoys and found some sea lions and stuff! Fantastic day on the water with Tim!!

These are not zoomed, just cropped.


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