Another Incredible Day with Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales! – 7/6/14

Another incredible day on the water!!

T137A, T137, T86A

Spent most of the day with the T86A’s, T137’s and T124A1. After leaving the scene, we got a report that they joined up with another 18 whales!!!

Fanned out…..T124A1, T86A, T137, T86A1

The T124’s, T124A’s, T77’s and T65A’s came steam rolling south, appeared out of no where and joined the party!! 26 Bigg’s killer whales!

T124 with news
T86A3 looking around
T124A1, T137, T137D and T137B
T137A, T137B
T86A with her mouth open


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