Another Great Encounter with the T60’s – 16/2/18

After having several encounters with the T60s in 2017, I was just beginning to wonder when we might see them again and, just like that, they appeared this afternoon off Clover Pt.

T60 and T60C

They were westbound in the rain for most of the day until they stopped to feed on (likely) an unlucky harbour seal. In the midst of feeding on the kill, T60D split off from the family and popped up for a closer look!

We left them westbound near Race Passage.



2 thoughts on “Another Great Encounter with the T60’s – 16/2/18

  1. Hello. I’m writing a novel with a central themes about the connection between killer whales and people, in particular transitions of wild whales from captivity back to their home. I would like to find more accounts of people’s experiences with them. Is there a good central place online where I could connect with people such as yourself? Would you be willing to share more about your experiences? Thank you for your stunning pictures! Amanda

    1. Hi Amanda,
      You’re welcome to read any of the stories we have collected in our library however none of our stories at this time feature cetacean who were previously living in a non-ocean facility under human care. The only killer whale who has been moved from a non-ocean facility under human care to the ocean is Keiko and as I’m sure you know he did not survive. I have heard instances of some dolphins returning to the wild and of course there is Springer, a Northern Resident Killer Whale who was rescued and rehabilitated in an ocean-based care facility by members of numerous Canadian and American organizations. She was successfully reintroduced to the Northern Resident population and has now had two successful calves. However, she would not be considered to be an animal who was ever in captivity. Thank you for your interest in our stories!

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