Another Gorgeous Encounter with Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales! – 8/7/17

We made the trek from Victoria, BC to the Strait of Georgia as far north as Tsawwassen, BC to find the T34s, T37, and T37Bs this evening.

T34A, T37B1 (background) and T34

They had woken up after we’d left them in the morning and had quickly picked up speed. Once we arrived they were mostly engaging in social, playful behaviours to our excitement!

T37B and T37B2 upside down

We were able to get better looks at the two new young ones, T34B and T37B2, this time around!

T37B T37B2
T34 T34B

All in all, it was a gorgeous evening with calm water, a fiery sunset and two beautiful families of killer whales!

– Brendon

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