Another Gorgeous Day with the T2C’s! – 6/6/17

We headed west today and found Transient/Bigg’s Killer Whales – the T2C’s – hunting near Otter Point! It was so nice to see the new addition to this growing family: T2C4 (~2 months old)  ❤️

On our way back to Victoria, we stopped at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to look at some Pinnipeds, Bald Eagles and, of course, Ollie the Sea Otter  😄

T2C1 “Rocky”

Another gorgeous, sunny day on the water with Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours!! #ilovemyjob

T2C “Tasu”, T2C2 “Tumbo” and T2C4 (background)

T2C2 “Tumbo,” a 12-year-old male orca with scoliosis (a severe spine-twisting deformity). For the most part, T2C2 does not take part in the hunt. He stops for his family to make a kill, waits for the signal from mom, and then joins the rest of his group in the feast. He is just another example of the strong family bonds and emotional connections shared between these marine mammals!

T2C2 “Tumbo”


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