Another Epic Day in the Salish Sea – 20/11/18

Another epic day on the water this afternoon! We started off with multiple humpback whales checking out the boat, including MMY0106 “Aerie” and BCZ0198 “Monarch”.

Then Rod/Dale found Southern Resident Killer Whales (J Pod)!

j22, J46, J31

We initially spotted J19, J36, J39, J41, J42, J47, J51 and a few others close to shore and left them quickly to have a look at a frightened, porpoising Minke Whale.

Just beyond the Minke, we saw J35 travelling on her own. Then we acquired a tight group consisting of J22, J31, J37, J40, J46 and J49, who were being tailed by J45 and L87.

J45 and L87

As the latter two joined the group, J22 and J31 pushed off separately, right before J38 joined from the south. We left them heading east, slowly.

J37, J22, J40

Gotta love fall/winter in the Salish Sea! 🙂  -Brendon

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