Another Amazing Trip to the Broughton Archipelago – 10/18

What an epic crew trip this year in the Broughton!

Three full days on the water and each day being so different and amazing in different ways. One day, we went over the top of Vancouver Island and got into some ground swell where we found the T55’s and the rarely seen T140’s.

Some really cool social behaviour and bromance with T55A and T140B.

We found the Killer Whales on the NW side of Vancouver Island in some really nice water and ground swells. The T55s are regular visitors around the north part of the island but they were cruising with the T140s who are more central coast Biggs killer whales and are not commonly sighted so I was really excited to see them.

The next day was dolphin mania down in Frederick Arm.

Close to 250 of them being VERY active socializing and chasing schools of fish.

Finally, the humpback whales feeding in Blackfish Sound was spectacular!

Humpbacks as far as the eyes can see, common murres squawking as they herd up herring into huge bait balls, gulls diving in at the bait balls and when the group of fish gets big enough, the humpbacks come in with their mouths wide open and take them all. We had both lunge feeding and trap feeding!

Great times with great people and can’t thank Simon enough for taking us up there and giving us the opportunity to see some amazing things!


One thought on “Another Amazing Trip to the Broughton Archipelago – 10/18

  1. Hello Whale Tales!
    Thank you for a day out to the Broughton Archipelago! I live on the Oregon Coast and while I have seen the grey whale migrate in the distance I honestly have never seen cetceans up close. I am excited to make the journey to Vancouver Island at some point and see all the whales and dolphins. Thank you for bringing them right into my home with your amazing pictures and stories!

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