Another Amazing Encounter with the T34’s, T37 and T37B’s! – 31/7/16

T34, T37, T37B
T34, T37, T37B

Had a pretty amazing encounter with the T34’s, T37 and T37Bs today! We watched T34A, T37B and T37B1 take down a very young seal. Pretty Intense!



Mouth is open here grabbing the seal pup
Mouth is open here grabbing the seal pup

We watched them cruise in the shallows along the Gulf Islands and through the kelp beds looking for some unsuspecting seals.


Finally, T37B, T37B1 and T34A honed in on a mother and pup harbour seal pair. We never saw what happened to mom (I think she bolted once she realized the whales had the pup). It was a pretty intense scene to be a part of and the whales took their time but eventually ate their lunch. Right after that, we got this huge spyhop from T37B, which I managed to snap a photo of!




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