Another Amazing Encounter with J Pod! – 6/7/16

It’s been so great to be seeing J pod on a regular basis the last few days. We had a pretty amazing encounter with them today.

J40 Suttles
J40 “Suttles”

They were being very social, rolling around on one another and J40 “Suttles” popped up close to the boat with her rostrum peeking out covered in weeds

J40 “Suttles” playing with some weeds…..keepin’ my jets clear 😉

Really social and playful especially little J51 “Nova”!

J51 Nova on top of grandma, J19 Shachi
J51 “Nova” on top of grandma, J19 “Shachi”

Check out this breach sequence from J19 “Shachi” right in the Vancouver Harbour!

13631639_10157125086105187_922930116468867321_n\ 13567340_10157125085880187_5630033928077080687_n\ 13615180_10157125085885187_1870095097366288029_n

Definitely doing what she does best! Whenever I see J pod, I always try and find her. She is one of the most active whales in the community!


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