Another Amazing Day with J and K Pods! – 22/9/16

Some of the highlights from today’s encounter with J’s and K’s.

K21 “Cappuccino” rainblow
J50 peeking up


J42 “Echo” coming over for a look

At one point, they pushed offshore so I shut down and this curious girl came over to have a look.

J28 “Polaris”
Front to Back: J39 “Mako,” J41 “Eclipse,” J36 “Alki,” J47 “Notch” and J2 “Granny”


Found this gem when going through my photos: J27 “Blackberry” cartwheeling (out of focus) but taking a crap mid air!! A little whale bathroom humour. Even better that NOAA was out there scouring for scat samples and he does this in front of them….




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