Another Amazing Day in the Salish Sea – 19/5/17

Another amazing day out in the Salish Sea with Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours! We started our journey at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where we found “Ollie” the Sea Otter and many, many pinnipeds! We then motored east of Race Rocks back toward Victoria to find Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales, specifically the T86As and T124Ds!!


We observed plenty of social interaction between the juveniles in the group. One juvenile in particular decided to chase after a very plump Rhinoceros Auklet, before lunging and tail-slapping it repeatedly.

T86A, T86A3 and T86A1

Lucky for the Rhinoceros Auklet, the whales had larger prey items in mind and left the bird to digest in search of Harbour Seals and Porpoises.

T86A1, T86A, and T86A4

We followed the transients to Trial Island, before returning to the dock for the evening!

L-R T124D, T124D2, T86A and T86A1

The most amazing transient killer whale encounter ever!



One thought on “Another Amazing Day in the Salish Sea – 19/5/17

  1. I loved watching good moments of the orcas. Always nice to watch them hunt especially the transient ones since they’re the ones who hunt almost any sea creature they come upon and I hope that we are all doing the best we can to save our resident orcas by bringing more salmon back to them and destroying the Snake River dams.

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