An Unforgettable Experience with Resting Humpbacks – 29/12/18

I must say, that you are patient, nature will reward you…

Today towards the end of the day we were watching 3 resting humpback whales….they were just floating and having a relaxing time…
We turned the boat engine off and after a while the humpbacks became curious about the boat and the people on the boat.

They were within 1-2 metres proximity of the boat, continuously spy hoping, lifting their heads above the surface to have a closer look, lying directly under the boat, pec slapping, tail lobbing….all different kind of socialising behaviour. They seemed to be very inquisitive…

I have never seen a humpback whale from so close…it was unbelievable

An unforgettable experience….again   


One thought on “An Unforgettable Experience with Resting Humpbacks – 29/12/18

  1. More amazing photos. Thank you very much. Wishing you all the very best for a happy new year, looking forward to more of your wonderful photos and updates.

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