An Orca “Food Coma” – 5/1/20


That`s what I would call what the orcas had today ? Or actually to be more specific we could call it `herring – coma`

As January and 2020 started, well the commercial fishing vessels are also back in the area. Sometimes we saw 7-8 huge fishing boats in one single fjord…I am not sure how I feel about that, but the orcas most certainly liked it today.

By the time we have found them they had their feast and quite many orcas were just `floating` around the fishing vessels like logs

Due to the new regulations we could not get close to the fishing boats, however we waited until the one which was surrounded by orcas finished its business and left the area.

For at least 40 minutes the orcas were just floating on the surface and resting with a full tummy. No diving at all. I saw only fins slowly moving around in the area. It was funny ?

Except for one juvenile who seemed to be a little bored between all the `sleepy` adults and got very excited by our arrival. It treated us with at least 3-4 spy-jumps….I intentionally called it a `jump`, because it pushed itself out of the water so high!!

The water was calm, weather was a bit snowy so we had everything for another unforgettable day  <3  <3


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