An Interesting Encounter with J51, J41 and J47 – 14/4/15

J51 was with mom and J47 (J19 and J35 were nearby), and there did appear to be some pushing going on. A few times J47 surfaced right with J51 while J41 was a little bit ahead.

J41 and J51 -J47 in background
J41 and J51 with J47 in the background
J41 eclipse cartwheel
J41 “Eclipse” Cartwheeling

J47 was breaching a bit as well, it was pretty charming and interesting to see him tagging along with the baby.

J47 Notch breaching while travelling socializing doing what ever with J41 and J51
J47 “Notch”

I’m not sure if this photo is the baby getting a little bump or him skirting out of the water sideways (I think it is the latter as none of the other photos clearly shows another whale under him). Maybe I should know better than to poke the raging hornet’s nest that is SRKW gossip but …. looks like J51 is a male.

J51 gender id pic
J51 “Nova” gender ID pic


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